Four Tips for Portraits

Going around in circles with what to wear? Well, don’t stress, this is one of the most frequent questions I am asked and I know it is one that causes great headaches for some of my clients. I decided to share with you my 4 most helpful style tips that will make the process of choosing what to wear more fun! Before I share my tips with you I just want to mention that all photographers have their own “style” of photography and they can be very different so the tips I am sharing compliment my particular style of photography. I prefer being outdoors and utilising natural light. I love the look of bright and airy photos and so my aim is for my clients to “POP” off the background – which is why I am sharing these tips with you!

1. Dress Comfortably

There is nothing more uncomfortable than clothes you have never worn before. If you decide to buy a new outfit for the day then my advice is to buy it 2-3 weeks beforehand and wear the clothing so that it feels familiar to you.  Always be prepared to move around during a session so avoiding short skirts and shorts is useful. What is most important is that you feel comfortable and that your clothes fit nicely.

2. Less is More

Keep your outfits simple so they don’t distract from one another. Ditch loud patterns, detailed checkered shirts, logos and shirts with large graphics.  We often overlook SHOES but these are so crucial, wear footwear that you can easily walk in. Dress shoes aren’t always necessary but it is best to avoid dirty sneakers or those with large logos.

3. Colour Palette

This is often what causes so much stress for my clients but it needn’t be stressful! You don’t need to all match. Instead, my advice is to choose between 2 or 3 colours that compliment each other and coordinate your outfits around these. You can choose either neutral or colourful and if you get stuck refer to the colour wheel for help.

4. Hair & Makeup

Have your hair cut two weeks before you session in case you don’t like it. Try practicing your hair style beforehand so you know how much time you’ll need on the day. Also practice applying your own make a few times to decide what look you prefer or if you are hiring a make up artist ensure they are clear on the look you are after by sending them lots of pictures with specific instructions. Make up artists can book months in advanced so if you are going down this route try not to leave it for the last minute to avoid disappointment.

I hope these tips have helped you with planning and being prepared as much as you possibly can. Lastly, make sure you eat and rest before the session as a well rested and fed client is a happy client!

Chanel x

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